Monday, April 17, 2017


3D Vision fix for Yooka-Laylee with extra graphics options.

- Haloing issues (smoke, water, fire, etc).
- Lighting.
- Shadows.
- Shooting minigame now has the crosshair at a useable depth.

- Download this file and extract its contents in the root folder of the game.
- Launch the game through a shortcut that forces exclusive fullscreen. For example: "C:\GOG\Yooka-Laylee\YookaLaylee64.exe -window-mode exclusive".

- F1: two convergence presets.
- F2: HUD depth presets.
- F3: bloom toggle. Not disabled by default.
- F4: depth of field toggle. Not disabled by default.
- F5: post process antialiasing toggle. Not disabled by default.
- F7: depth of field strength presets. Initial strength by default.

- I haven't reached the end of the game yet. I will do so when the game receives updates or more content, because I have lost my save file.
- Those updates may break 3D as it has happened with other Unity games, when developers update the engine. I will fix the game again if that happens (probably not immediately if there are going to be more updates soon).


  1. wow thank you so much! now I'll take this game in steam.

  2. thx so much this is fantastic in 3D

  3. wouaaah!!! great this patch
    very googd job
    A french fan