Thursday, February 2, 2017

3D Fix Manager

Last Updated: April 18, 2017

This is an application I’ve been working on for a while. It's called 3D Fix Manager and the reason I developed it is that I wanted to have a more comfortable way for installing 3D Vision Fixes and and an easier method for editing hotkeys in order to change 3D separation / convergence settings.

So which features does 3D Fix Manager provide?
  • Download, install and uninstall 3D Vision fixes with only 1 click
  • Clear GUI
  • Comfortable hotkey editing for changing 3d separation / convergence in game
  • Automatic detection of installed 3D Vision games
  • Start games directly in 3D Fix Manager
  • Auto backups of hotkeys / ini files
  • Auto enable Nvidia Stereosopic 3D when starting a game
  • Auto installation of 3D profiles with Nvidia Profile Inspector when starting a game
  • RivaTuner Statistics Server support. Dynamically load or close RTSS when launching a game for improving performance in Stereo 3D
  • Auto disable 3D Fixes when playing in 2D mode
  • Auto update for new fixes
  • Auto update for new program versions

Currently more than 500 fixes from helixmod.blogspot are supported by 3D Fix Manager. This includes Helix Mod (DirectX 9), 3dMigoto (DirectX 11) and OpenGL 3D Vision Wrapper.

  • Hotkey editing is only available for Helix Mod and 3dMigoto fixes at the moment. Hotkey support for OpenGL fixes may come in the future.

  • A detailed manual can be found here. Please have a look to the section "Problems and Solutions" if you experience any issues

Geforce Forum:
  • The Main Thread about 3D Fix Manager can be found here


  • Extract file archive. If you want to keep old hotkey backups from previous versions then extract the archive over the old program folder and replace files
  • Optional: Download and install RivaTuner Statistics Server for accessing all features in 3D Fix Manager. RTSS eliminates micro stuttering, reduces input lag and improves frametimes in Stereo 3D mode
  • Start the application with "3DFixManager.exe"
  • Optional: Give admin rights to the application (right click on exe / run as admin). The application needs admin rights for dynamically detecting processes like Trinus VR / Tridef and for installing fixes to protetected folders like c:\program files

Change Notes Version 1.16:
  • New: Another driver profile can be installed when starting a game in 2D mode
  • New: Global settings for Nvidia Profile Inspector in Settings tab
  • New: Installation of driver profiles can be controlled by individual fix profile
  • Bugfix: Driver profiles could not be installed when path to .nip file contained empty spaces

Change Notes Version 1.15 (April 15, 2017):
  • New: Nvidia Profile Inspector included in 3D Fix Manager
  • New: Option for adding Nvidia Inspector 3D profile files (".nip") for individual fix profiles
  • New: Automatic installation of 3D profiles via .nip files and Nvidia Profile Inspector
  • New: Option for defining arguments for Game Launcher Exe in Fix Profile Tab
  • New: When arguments are defined for Game Launcher exe then the game always starts with defined exe instead of Steam App ID
  • New: A second ini / cfg file can be modified now in Fix Profile tab
  • New: Creation of an "error_log.txt" file if application crashes on startup
  • Changed: Adjusted tooltip for "Relative Game Ini Path" with a little bit more explanation
  • Bugfix: when installing a fix the checkbox "Enable Fix" was not initialized

Change Notes Version 1.14 (April 02, 2017):
  • New: Games can be started either in 3D or 2D
  • New: When starting a game in 2D mode the fix and Nvidia Stereoscopic 3D are disabled automatically
  • New: Improved startup speed of 3D Fix Manager. Make sure to install the latest fix profiles (version 1.17) to improve speed
  • New: Last selected game is remembered the next time you start 3D Fix Manager
  • Changed: Extracting fixes won't block the UI any more. Progress of extraction is being displayed with a progressbar now
  • Changed: Global switch for disabling / enabling all fixes can be controlled via buttons in "Settings" tab now
  • Changed: Duplicate instances of 3D Fix Manager are closed directly. The first instance gets active at top
  • Changed: When changing monitor refresh rate cmd popup is suppressed
  • Bugfix: Extracting fixes should not crash the application any more
  • Bugfix: Fixed a rare bug in detecting ini files of 3D fixes

Change Notes Version 1.13 (March 29, 2017):
  • New: Auto update feature for 3D Fix Manager (update process is completely automated now)
  • New: Auto disable Nvidia Stereoscopic 3D when closing 3D Fix Manager

Change Notes Version 1.12 (March 25, 2017):
  • New: Added an option in settings tab for preferring Game Launcher Exe information over Steam App ID for launching games
  • Bugfix: Fixed a crash when defining more than 9 hotkeys for the old version of HelixMod (DirectX 9)

Change Notes Version 1.11 (March 15, 2017):
  • New: Option for setting 3D Vision / 3DTV Play as preferred stereo 3D mode. This fixes the issue for some users when 3D Vision Discover (anaglyph) is being defaulted in Nvidia Control Panel over and over agin.

Change Notes Version 1.1 (March 14, 2017):
  • New: RivaTuner Statistics Server support. 3D Fix Manager dynamically starts / closes RTSS when launching a game
  • New: Start / close behaviour of RTSS can be controlled by individual fix profile settings
  • New: Automatically enable Nvidia Stereoscopic 3D when launching a game
  • New: Automatically set monitor refresh rate to 120 Hz when enabling Nvidia Stereo 3D (fixes Windows 10 blackscreen issue when closing games and high idle clocks for GPU)
  • New: Automatically set monitor refresh rate to a user defined value when disabling Stereo 3D
  • New: Any game can be added to 3D Fix Manager now. Even those games for which there is no 3D Fix available
  • New: When no download link is specified in fix profile the download fix-button will be hidden in the GUI.
  • Added 30 fix profiles for games which are rated as "3D Vision Ready" by Nvidia and don't require a 3D fix to work (e.g. Max Payne 3, Tomb Raider (2013), Trine 2,...)
  • Minor improvements for the GUI

Change Notes Version 1.09 (March 06, 2017):
  • Improved automatic update mechanism for fix profiles. User can decide if he wants to keep customized profiles
  • New: Installation of Hitman Fix completely automated
  • New: Sending user feedback can be disabled in 'Settings' tab
  • Changed: "Custom Install Path" in fix profile must always point to the root folder of the game now. If the fix has to be installed in a subfolder this information can be added via "Relative Install Path"

Change Notes Version 1.08 (March 01, 2017):
  • Improved capability for changing game settings files. Now cfg files can be changed in addition to ini files.
  • New: Auto feedback when user makes changes to fix profile settings. This helps me to get notified when a fix profile needs additional information / is wrong or needs an update.
  • Bugfix: Fixed a crash when typing in reserved characters in search field.
  • Bugfix: Sometimes the wrong hotkey for Xbox Controller was selected in dropdown list

Change Notes Version 1.07 (February 21, 2017):
  • New: Icon in "Installation" tab added for indicating if the fix runs out of the box / needs further installation steps (I've tagged a few games for this. Help by the community is appreciated to complete this for other fixes)
  • New: User can define in fix profile if manual steps are required for installing a fix / fix is broken / fix runs out of the box
  • New: After every Nvida driver installation the user is asked if he wants to run 3D Vision setup or if he likes to skip it by automatically setting registry keys
  • New: When user starts another instance of the application the new one is automatically closed
  • Bugfix: User_disabled.cfg is deleted now when uninstalling a fix
  • Bugfix: "No installed games found" - label was displayed in "Settings" tab when no games were installed

Change Notes Version 1.06 (February 18, 2017):
  • New: Installation of fixes further improved by automatically making required changes to ini files (e.g. Outlast, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter and over 40 more games automated by this)
  • New: When uninstalling a fix the game ini file is reseted to original values
  • New: User can define in fix profile how to edit game ini file
  • New: Fixes can be disabled for individual games
  • Changed: No bat files used any more for enabling / disabling 3D Vision
  • Bugfix: Fixed a crash when application was launched without internet connection
  • Bugfix: Fixed a crash when update server was not available
  • Bugfix: Fixed a crash in Edit profile" tab when user tried to set a filename in relative install path
  • Bugfix: Fixed a potential crash when searching for installed games in windows registry

Change Notes Version 1.05 (February 08, 2017):

  • Slightly improved detection of installed games
  • New: Checkbox for disabling Steam overlay
  • New: Window size and position is remembered when restarting the application
  • New: User can define a game exe file for launching games when there is no "Start Game" button
  • New: Button for going to Helixmod Blog
  • Changed: Increased maximum value from 1000 ms to 2000 ms for hotkey delay sliders
  • Changed: Dialog windows are opened at the center of the application instead of the center of the screen
  • Changed: Options in settings tab are saved to XML instead of an ini file now
  • Changed: "Search Game" button is being disabled now when no search paths are defined
  • Bugfix: Checkbox "Enable Fixes" was not initialized correctly when starting the application
  • Bugfix: When user clicked on install path for opening window explorer the game was sometimes launched accidentially
  • Bugfix: When search paths were enabled and the name of a fix profile was changed the user had to press button "Search Game" again to see correct results
  • Bugfix: Tooltip for Steam App ID in "Edit Profile" tab was not set

Known Issues:
  • Detection of installed games may fail if no corresponding registry keys could be found. To fix this either enable search paths in the application settings or set a custom install path for the individual fix profile. Please have a look in the manual (section "problems and solutions") for a more detailed information on this.
  • Another reason for not detecting games is when the name of the individual fix profile does not match the title of the game retrieved from the windows registry. Try to rename the fix profile to match exactly what is listed in "Windows Control Panel / Programs"

  • Please help me to improve this application by reporting bugs, wrong / outdated fix profiles  or if you have any suggestions. Thank you.
  • I tested the application a lot and I think it’s in a good state. However I take no responsibility if any damage should occur on your machine by using this application. Use at own risk. :)


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  2. Nice thanks..Tons of games installed.. and on Steam yet only found 2.. then to put some in.. wait for update

  3. There are three ways you can make games being detected anyway: search paths, custom install paths in the individual fix profile and renaming the fix profile to match the name of the program which is listed in windows control panel / programs. Did defining search paths help in your case? Generally it's intended to list only those games for which 3D Vision fixes exist.

  4. Thank you for your work !
    What a joy to be able to play the witcher 3 in 3D Surround on 3 monitor!
    Think you make a patch for Resident evil 7?
    Thanks again !

  5. Replies
    1. Please don't ask for other fixes on a poster's page. It's disrespecting their hard work by saying something else it more important.

      To make requests, use our WishList here. Or use the 3D Vision forums.

  6. O.M.G.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8) Thank you SO MUCH!!!!

  7. Amazing!!!!! thank you so much!!

    i'm going to try this night

  8. Yeah, looks good so far. If it works, I see the next time I need a new fix. For now, all fixes are still in place (and your programm realized that ;) ).

    Another question though, I realized a setting regarding Tridef. What is that for, how does it work? I normally used TriDef. But nowadays most games simply don't work well in TriDef and Helixmod was more reliable. Also, no fix from here had any influence on Tridef. So I wondered what this is for. (Or has anyone here found a way to influence the output on tridef?)

    1. I think there might be some fixes in this blog that fix the Tridef profile instead of working with 3Dvision alone, but not sure.

    2. I'm not sure about this because I did not try Tridef yet. But the fixes seem to work for other things like TrinusVR, too. So if you are a TrinusVR-only user you can define that the fixes get automatically enabled when TrinusVR is startet and otherwise disabled for 2D gaming. I implemented this based on a suggestion in the geforce forum. So the feature is there just in case you need it. But I think normally you don't need it.

  9. This is an amazing piece of work. Thank you!

  10. This program installs the ABZU 3d fix to the wrong directory. It installs to \Binaries\Win64 instead of \AbzuGame\Binaries\Win64

  11. Hi, can you add to save/backup you settings etc. Cuz after every NVIDIA drivers installation all settings just reset by driver update. Would be nice to include game profiles too cuz some game needs tweaking for SLI etc. Would be nice if you could merge with Nvidia Inspector to have one and only third party software to be installed on side with Nvidia drivers.

  12. I just downloaded and tried the program with Outlast...

    Works great!!! Thank you very much.

  13. Kickass idea and a great program to boot. This is awesome thanks for sharing!

  14. This tool is highly appreciated! Like already said, it would be even better if it could also automate (re)applying game profiles, but I think it's asking too much too replace Nvidia Inspector completely. Go the easy way and use NVidia Inspector with parameters to do the task silently in the background.
    nvidiaInspector.exe" "Witcher3.nip" -silent
    applies a profile that was exported before.

    1. I will check this possibility. Do you know a manual / wiki listing all possible command line arguments for nvidia inspector? But as Fabian said removing Nvidia inspector completely would be too much work. Regarding resetted driver settings there is a bat file from Bo3b which skips 3D Vision setup and resets hotkeys.
      I could include this in the application.

    2. sorry, I don't know about a manual or other commands

    3. Doesn't look to me like N-inspector has anything in terms of command line options. It's open source now, and here is the command line handler.

  15. Truly, you guys do amazing work. Thank you. I've got a lot to aspire to with such quality work - let me know if I can ever test anything for you.

  16. Awesome tool, it's gonna have some future

  17. Just downloaded and the application will not run. I double click the exe and nothing happens. No error or running process in task manager. Windows 10 Pro x64

    1. I checked Task Manager and here are the errors it lists when trying to run. Are there some dependencies I am missing?

      Faulting application name: 3DFixManager.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x589b5e22
      Faulting module name: KERNELBASE.dll, version: 10.0.14393.479, time stamp: 0x58256d37

      Application: 3DFixManager.exe
      Framework Version: v4.0.30319
      Description: The process was terminated due to an unhandled exception.
      Exception Info: System.IndexOutOfRangeException
      at FixManager.ProgramFinder.GetInstalledProgramsFromRegistry(Microsoft.Win32.RegistryView)
      at FixManager.ProgramFinder.detectInstalledPrograms()
      at FixManager.VisionHelper.collectFixData()
      at FixManager.MainWindow..ctor()

  18. No, it seems that this is a bug in the program code. There is a constellation when the application may crash at startup depending on the keys in your windows registry. I identified the place in the code and this should be because of changes I did from version 1.04 to 1.05. Could you please try the old 1.04 version and give me some feedback again? The download to the old version is linked at the bottom of the blog.

  19. I am loving this program. Thank you so much. Lightning Returns is still giving me problems, but eh.

    Anyway. One thing I thought might be worthwhile - a way to flag if a game requires more than just hitting "Install Fix". FFXIII-2, for example, requires not a profile change, but a little file fiddling.

    I know it's rude to suggest changes, but perhaps pull in the comments from helix, or allow users to set (within 3dfix) whether a fix "just works", "requires extra" or is "Broken"? Then feature that info (with an icon for each perhaps?) on the 3d fix program.

    Anyway, regardless, thank you again for this.

    1. I like this idea. Adding an extra field in the fix profile for indicating if the fix requires additional steps is no problem. However tagging over 520 games could take some time

    2. Let the community do it! After all, if it's just a simple click for us...

      I have 2 unrelated questions, if I may (and it's fine if not)

      1) I first installed 3dfix and Ori DE was on a regular HD. I switched it over to an SSD, but I don't see how to refresh the app to find the new game.
      1b) So, I deleted it, thinking that would fix it. It did not. So, is there any way to reimport one/some/all the profiles?

      2) Compatibility mode. I've read and read about this, but I still don't really get it. See Ori DE (I manually installed the fix as a shortstop). When I start it, the nvidia rating comes up in the bottom right. My understanding was that this indicated it's running in compatibility mode. But, if I push ctrl-alt-f11, nothing happens. Is there a way to know if compat mode is actually on, or not? That's the one thing that's still flummoxing me over 3d.

    3. Go to the NVidia Forums. There is a ton of useful info there about 3D Vision, and in particular some stickies about CM.

    4. If you accidentially deleted a fix profile you can go to your 3D Fix Manager-Directory and simply delete the "Fixes"-folder. The next time you start the application it will download all profiles again.

      The reason why your game is not detected any more is that the location on your storage disk changed but the information was not updated in windows registry. You have 2 options: reinstall the game to set the registry keys properly or enable search paths / custom install path in 3D Fix Manager. You can look in the manual or in the Main Thread about how to do this.

      Concerning CM Mode - did you enable advanced hotkeys in nvidia control panel?

    5. Thanks - will fix the profiles now.

      As for Ori - I copied the files from E to G. Then in steam, deleted local content, and then installed to G (where it autodiscovered the files).

      I enabled search paths (first thing I went for). I added a few different folders as well -> g, g/steam g/steam/common/ori, etc (I'm paraphrasing, I used the correct URLs).

      So, the search thing might be a little wonky.

      And, I guess it's steam not updating the Reg (which I can totally believe).

      As for compat mode:
      Yep, have enabled keyboard shortcuts and advanced settings after every driver install. Just ctrl-alt-f11 (or whatever key I set it to) does absolutely nothing.

    6. Search paths are only successfull in finding games if the folder of the game matches the name of the fix profile (maybe the game folder has a slightly different name). So when renaming the fix profile the game should be found. If only Ori DE is not found you can alternatively edit the fix profile and set a custom install path to your Ori-folder. This method works always.

      I wouldn't suggest to just copy over files from steam followed by an auto-recognition. Steam has now a built-in feature for moving games to another place. Another way is to use the backup / restore feature of steam for a clean install (this worked for me so far). I think many people still use your method and therefore registry keys get invalid. 3D Fix Manager can't recognize those games by reading windows registry any more.

    7. That totally makes sense - just looked at some other games I've moved in a similar fashion and they're saying they're installed to C as well. Strange that Steam won't fix the reg if you uninstall and reinstall (even if it's local). I used to use backups, but they took so long! But I'll get on this. Thank you. Naughty steam.

  20. Hello everyone !
    Thanks a lot for all you're doing Helixmod :)

    I'm kind of a newbie here, and i have almost always the same issue in game : "current resolution 1280x720 120hz is not hdmi 3d compatible"...

    The problem is, I can't change the hertz in many games. For example, the witcher 3, i select 1280x720 and 60 frames per second but i still got this message...

    Could you please tell me how i can force the game to launch in 60hz ?
    I'm using 3d TV PLAY on a BENQ 1070

    Thanks a lot !

  21. Firstly thankyou for those involved in making this. I am havi8ng an issue now where this just keeps crashing on me (simply closes without any crash message) whenever I try and install a fix. It was working previously and i'm not aware of any system changes between then and now. Any ideas?

    1. There are a few known cases when the application may crash:

      - when you try to install a fix for a game which is installed to a protected folder like C:\program files...To solve this make sure you run the application with admin right (right click on 3DFixManager.exe and click "Run as Admin"

      - I experienced a crash extracting fixes when 3D fix manager was in a really deep file structure and the file path for extracting fixes became too long. So make sure 3D fix manager is e.g. in "D:\3D Fix Manager"

      - Startup crash when the user has no internet connection or the update server is not available (this will be fixed in the next version)

      - Maybe simply re-downloading the application solves your issues

      - You can also try the old version 1.04 if this still works for you. You find the download link at the bottom of the blog ("Outdated Versions")

  22. This is genius. I can't get Minecraft to work, however. I have to disable 3D to launch Minecraft and cannot seem to enable it after the game has started. I'm sure I'm missing something obvious; would appreciate any help.

    1. If the automatic sequence using 3D Fix Manager is not working, revert to doing a manual install using the instructions for a given game. In this case, the instructions are complicated. See this Minecraft install guide.

  23. Thanks, bo3b. I tried that before trying Fix Manager. No luck with it either.

  24. Hello hello! Just updated fix manager, and saw the icon updates in the notes - amazing! I'm going through and updating notes on the ones I've tried - will the info automatically be pushed back to you?

  25. No, unfortunately not. But I agree that this would be probably the better solution than posting profile settings here or in geforce forum. Ok - I know what I have to do for version 1.08 ;)

    1. Heh. :D

      It sort of overlaps with commments on Helix, but I think it makes sense - even if it's just an aggregation of the tags people have left (3 "out of the box", 2 "requires fiddles" etc)

  26. thank you! keep up the brilliant work and kudos to all ppl sharing the passion of 3d with us!