Monday, May 12, 2014

Assassins Creed 3 (DirectX 11) - 3D Vision Fix

3DMigoto DX11 3D Vision Fix by mike_ar69 and bo3b

We are delighted to publish this game fix on the helixmod site, thank you to Helix and Eqzitara for supporting our work on the 3DMigoto DX11 Wrapper!

1. Shadows
2. Lights
3. Double Imaging (fog and smoke)
4. Skybox elements
5. HUD

1. Decals (blood + a few other things)

Known Issues
1. Triangles in the animus look wrong
2. There is an AO issue on ship sails, and some wall surfaces, if the angle of view is very narrow
3. There might still be the odd minor shadow issue in cutscenes
4. The Moon renders wrong in an early cut scene on the ship
5. The moon renders at a slightly deeper depth than stars in gameplay scenes
6. Some decals have been disabled (for now) - blood splatters on the ground, explosion marks etc. If you turn off 3D they come back again
7. This game has an Nvidia Depth Buffer profile, accessible by pressing Ctrl-Alt-F11. However, it is not completely decoupled from the 3DMigoto fix, and when toggling the depth buffer on, the shadows will be rendered incorrectly (not at 2D though, just in the wrong place). Just bear that in mind - to get the 'best' from the depth buffer approach, you need to disable/remove the 3DMigoto fix. You disable it easily using the uninstall.bat.
8. The fix does not seem to work properly if you try and use the registry depth hack - shadows render at the wrong depth.
9. For Windows 8.1 64 Bit Update 1 you need to delete the dxgi.dll file that gets installed with the fix.


1) Make sure you have a platform patch installed.

This is an optional graphics patch from Microsoft. You need this update to avoid having 3Dmigoto crash.
You can look in your View Installed Updates, and search for KB2670838.
If you don't have it, you can get it here:

2) Run the game once to make sure it's installed, resolution and refresh are like you want.

Make sure 3D kicks in.
In game settings, you'll want Environmental Quality set to Normal. Frame rates jump from 18 to 30 in Boston, with this one setting. All other settings can be at max.

3) If you are running recent drivers, and Compatibility Mode is kicking in, do Ctrl-Alt-F11 to disable it.

It doesn't hurt to have it enabled, but it competes with the fix, and adds haloing around close objects.
We've tested it on older drivers like 320.49 and the most recent Beta, and think it should work in all cases.
We've tested it with SLI and single GPU.

4) Get the fix as a zip file from here:

And unzip all of the files and ShaderFixes folder into the Assassin's Creed 3 exe folder.
e.g. "T:\SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\Assassin's Creed 3\"
It's a lot of files, 500 shader files, and 16 dlls, an uninstall, and the .ini file. It's still a work in progress.
If you need to uninstall, there is an uninstall.bat that will delete the dlls.

5) With all that installed, run AC3.

You should be able to see everything in 3D, and be able to change depth and convergence.
Performance should be good, very close to what you normally get with AC3 in 3D. You should see all of your CPU cores active.
First launch will be slow, like a minute, as it caches shaders.


  1. Hello,
    Congratulations for your work (what patience you have!).
    This fix works for assassin's creed black flag D11? (because convergence is blocked too)
    thank you

  2. forgiveness,
    I have yet to try ACBlack Flag and convergence is blocked, and it is unlocked by using "Ctrl Alt F11" but bug shadows and other ...
    I'll take AC 3 then.
    thank you

  3. This fix is for AC3 only. We will be posting a separate fix for AC4 in the next few days :-)

  4. Is there anyway to get 3DMigoto to work without having to install KB2670838? This update requires Service Pack 1 to be installed. Unfortunately if I install SP1 I can no longer Mirror my drives using software RAID. My mirrored drives disappear completely and i can't access my data unless i uninstall SP1. I'd love to use 3DMigoto but I mainly use my pc for work so i can't use SP1. Please don't ask me to use hardware RAID as a workaround.

    1. Hi - bo3b is the person to answer this, but I am pretty sure the answer is "no". We try and avoid dependencies where possible, but this one seems to be necessary. One suggestion, if you care enough to put the effort in, is to dual boot a second installation of Windows (7 not 8). Mixing a work machine with hardcore gaming needs is always going to clash somewhere, and work needs will always take priority I guess.

    2. Thanks Mike, that's actually a pretty good idea, I already have my drives split between work and play so a second OS install isn't much of a stretch.

    3. Hi Stephen- yes, it's a bit of a problem, and the KB is required because we are using the Win8 toolset to build the software. If I don't use that toolset, then we have problems on Win8 instead. It's possible that I could get something working, but that would be at the expense of future game fixes, and I lean toward supporting more modern stuff because that seems to be where the community heads. I've been surprised by how many people jumped into the shark infested 8.1 pool for example.

      If you are super motivated- the code is open-source, and you could make a branch that works the way you'd like.

      For the Raid, are you sure that cannot use SP1? I run RAID always on my current machine with SP1, through the intel driver and the BIOS. That's a software RAID, but may not be what you are talking about.

      Simplest approach is probably Mike's suggestion of dual booting. That keeps it all nice and straight.

    4. BTW, since this question I think we determined that the dxgi.dll is not necessary for running the game, and I think that is the dll that causes the incompatibility crash without the KB patch. It would be worth trying to see if deleting the dxgi.dll allows you to play without the KB patch.

  5. First off, thsnk you to all of the HelixMod Modders, you guys are the very best, and have made my gaming experiences so much better than they ever were before. This is the first place I look when I install a new game.

    As for this game, I have been waiting a very long time for this fix, but I have an issue now. There is a severe doubling of the images on the screen. I have tried to adjust the convergence ctrl-f5 and ctrl-f6, no joy. I have also tried to hit the ctrl-alt-f11, and it does not appear to make any changes or adjustments at all. Any other suggestions? I have a 780M in an Alienware 17, if it helps. Thank you all again!!

    1. What driver are you running? We haven't heard of this problem before.

    2. Don't take this the wrong way but when I hear double images + laptop I generally think ghosting/cross-talk.
      Just to cover basis do you know what ghosting is? Its when left/right image can be seen in a single lense [like it will partially bleed into]

      If so you need to tweak your displays contrast/brightness unfortunately for any sort of results. Convergence altering can help.
      Go into
      nvidia control panel->set up stereoscopic 3d-> set keyboard shortcuts -> advanced

      Try changing convergence key to some thing easier like = and -
      Sometimes it can take like 20 seconds of continously holding down for results.

    3. Also just to be safe, and ignore the alt-f11 instructions install driver 333.21 or earlier.

    4. I did try that, even changed the keys for convergence, but still no joy. Most of my games work beautifully on this system, this one never has, and still doesn't. It seems to work a bit better than without the patch, as was really bad before, but this ghosting will not go away. I see some of the side images, like the candles, moving from side to side when changing convergence, but nothing on the main part of the screen, especially the second images, this comes after holding the buttons for a very long time. Usually I see the entire image split off the screen when doing that. I have had some serious issues trying to run Spec Ops the line as well, lately, with the mod installed. Could it be these drivers?

    5. Will try an older driver, and report back. Thanks!!

    6. Sounds likely.
      Its been known to happen when installing drivers that 3d vision doesn't install correctly in someway [I really have no idea but it only effects certain games and no others, its really random.]

      Download 333.21 just cause its convenient. Click the box that says do clean install.

    7. Running 332.21, working great now. Been using GeForce experience to install my drivers, should I not do that, or is there simply an issue with the 335 drivers? I have not tried spec ops, yet, but hope this clears that up as well.

    8. Yep, Spec Ops working great now too.

    9. Nah, it seriously just happens. Im probably like one of only people who know of it since I ran into with so many users.
      Like its a random chance[like a fraction of a fraction] that installing driver will cause a fraction of 3d vision game profiles to mess up.

      I think it only happened to me once but I know of it cause Ive heard of it like 20 times from others.
      Its not really a concern, its pretty rare.

    10. Well, it def worked, and will not be forgotten any time in the near future, should I see this again. Thank you again, for all your hard work!!! You guys seriously are the very best !!!

  6. I get a black screen then an error AC3 has stopped working. If i removed the files the game works fine.

  7. That did it thank you very much :D

  8. 3d does not kick in, what to do ?
    3d vision works just fine on mirrors edge and cod:ghosts

    1. Should be working fine, does it run properly without the wrapper installed?

  9. Hi, thanks for the great work, just so much better than Nvidia's fake 3D mode.

    With the fix all works well except I get small rocks and leaves disappearing and reappearing on the ground as I move around. Is this a known issue?


    1. Haven't seen that issue myself. Is there an easy spot to see this happening, where I can double check?

  10. I got the effect in the frontier, haven't tested in the cities. Most noticeable when there's not dense shrubbery all over the place as they appeared to be flat textures (I'm not sure what the technical term is). It was particularly prevalent for me at the river with a few stair-cased waterfalls just East of the Mohawk settlement. Could also try the banks of the lake in the Mohawk settlement too.

    Thanks for the quick response!

    1. OK, thanks for the report. I've not made it past Boston, so I won't get a chance to test this out for a bit. If you get a chance to see if you can see this in Boston, that will be a quicker way for me to see.

      You are the first to report this, so it's more likely to be something specific about your machine. (Always possible other players didn't notice)

      Also, try going to the ShaderCache and ShaderFixes folder and delete all the .bin files. That will force it regenerate shaders, as there might be a problem with the saved copy. If that still seems to be a problem, go to the d3dx.ini file, and set logging on with calls=1, then rerun the game. If you send me the log file I can check to see if it's getting errors. <>

  11. Hi,

    epic job you guys.

    But I am getting strange glow around desmond while playing. It is semi transparent, only few pixels thick and is few pixels from him, like halo of some sorts.

    Do you have any advice how to get rid off it?

    It is quite imposible to send screen shots.

    Thanx for any info.

    1. never mind ctlr+alt+f11 did the trick.

      a wasnt able to make it do something, after reboot it worked.

  12. Thank you, mike_ar69 and bo3b ! I've just had one of by best 3D Vision experience so far with this fix, playing in Boston. AC3 is a way better looking game i thought it was two years ago, when i've first played it (a gfx switch from "560 ti" to "gtx 770" helped, too). Great work!