Sunday, January 25, 2015

Stranded Deep

Download the fix:


  • Halos
  • Water refraction
  • Underwater shadows
  • Moved highlights on ocean floor to correct depth
  • Sun shafts
  • Underwater crepuscular rays


  1. Extract the zip file to the game directory

    ...\Steam\SteamApps\common\Stranded Deep

  2. Launch the game and set quality to Ultra (other settings may work as well, but I haven't tested them)

  3. (Oprional) Disable the crosshair in the settings if you find it distracting.


  • L: Activate recommended convergence preset - use after starting a new game, loading an existing game or alt+tabbing. A custom convergence can be saved on this key by pressing L, adjusting the convergence, then pressing F7.

  • F: Holding sets a convergence suitable for use with the watch, and will return to the L preset on release.

  • X: Cycles between four four HUD depth presets - 75% (default), 99.5%, screen depth and 50%.


  • If the water looks broken, try alt+tabbing out of the game and back in.

  • The convergence gets reset after starting or loading a game - press L to load the recommended convergence preset.

Known Issues

  • Mouse cursor depth cannot be adjusted

  • From above, the waves right on the edge of the shore only move the water in one eye.


  • This is an early access game and the fix is likely to be broken by updates, so be sure to check back regularly, and report any broken effects.

  • This game has pushed DirectX9 shaders right to their limits, which caused me some problems creating the fix. Everything seems to be working now, but please let me know if you notice any details on the terrain or Ocean that are missing with the fix installed (such as missing shadows on the sand).

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Blackguards 2

fix by: 4everAwake

-Halos, HUD & UI

Remaining Issues:
-Mouse cursor is screen depth
-Some uneven HUD / UI depth

-Download this ZIP file and extract the contents into directory that contains the game's EXE file.

Additional Notes:
  • 'F2' key has 2 low convergence settings (for cutscenes & when in town)
  • 'F3' key has medium & high convergence settings (when in battle)
  • 'Z' key- press this to correct the character picture in the inventory screen. Press this again when you exit the inventory to re-align the lights.
  • 'Caps Lock'- press this to make the HUD & UI screen depth
Also if the fix doesn't activate when you start the game, press 'F2'.

Utilized DarkStarSword's FOV fix in this patch.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Never Alone

Fix by: Pirateguybrush, DarkStarSword, Bo3b

Character selector
Removed black vignette screen border, as it was annoying in 3D.


  • Sometimes when increasing convergence, a lot of effects will break.  To fix this, just tap the key to lower convergence
  •  Press 1 for a lower convergence (suitable for cutscenes), and 2 for a higher convergence (most gameplay sequences).  You can adjust these presets by pressing the number, adjusting to your preference, then pressing F7 to save.  I've also enabled 3 as a preset key, in case you need an extra one.
  • I recommend playing with a controller, and using joytokey or xpadder to bind the 1 and 2 keys to the shoulder buttons.  They aren't used in-game, and it's nice to be able to change presets without having to go to the keyboard.
  • The fix was tested with graphics set to "High".  There are some broken effects remaining on "low".

This is my first fix, and I used a lot of the tools DarkStarSword developed for fixing Unity games to do it, as well as bugging him for a lot of help.  Big thanks to him, and to Bo3b's for his School For Shaderhackers.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions

fix by:  4everAwake



Additional Notes:
-When you are inside a level and you want to adjust the convergence:
  • Press the 'U' key
  • Adjust the convergence to your liking and press 'F7' to save
  • Restart the game for the new convergence to take effect 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Eleusis [DX9]

Download the fix:


  • Moonlight shafts and glow around moon
  • Dynamic Shadows
  • Clipping on lights
  • Water & glass refraction
  • UI depth adjustable with 1-9 on number row, tilde for screen depth, 0 for 99.5% depth. 9 (90%) is the default.
  • The default point crosshair has been disabled (the hand icon will still show). Press Q to toggle this on and off (turning it on is useful to target small items, or trying to pick up a rock while running).


Extract zip file under:


Recommended: Disable Ambient Occlusion in the game settings. This is broken even in 2D in this game as it uses outdated depth information. Note that changing this or any other setting will break the fix, press Ctrl+T twice or restart the game to restore it.

Known Issues

  • After changing any settings in the game the fix will break. Press Ctrl+T twice or restart the game to fix it.

  • Sometimes after alt+tabbing out of the game the depth adjustment for the hand cursor stops working until the game is restarted.

  • Some of the text in the credits has 2x depth adjustment applied for some reason. Set the UI depth to 50% or lower with the number row during the credits to avoid text beyond infinity.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

DreadOut (Act 0 & 1)

Download the fix:


  • Shadows fixed
  • Halos fixed on all surfaces (slight variation of the usual technique to allow fog to continue to work on affected shaders)
  • Image on camera-phone is now 3D (necessary to avoid rendering artefacts)
  • Convergence preset provided in-game to place the camera at a usable depth
  • Slight depth adjustment to the book in the pause menu to line up with the UI

Known Issues

  • Mouse cursor depth cannot be adjusted as the game uses a hardware cursor. Hold Q to reduce 3D in the menus to allow for easier selection.

  • If you find the image on the phone camera looks wrong (2D, doubled or tripled image, flickering, black areas or broken shadows), put the camera away and open it again. If you find that this is happening a lot try alt+tabbing out of the game and back in, or quit and restart the game. If you are in a tight spot and don't have time to put the camera away, holding Q will temporarily set the separation to 1% which will make the image on the camera mostly usable.

Installation (64bit)

  1. Extract the zip file to the game directory

Installation (32bit)

  1. Extract the zip file to the game directory
  2. Replace the d3d9.dll with the one in the 32bit directory


I played the game on the highest available quality setting ("Fantastic") at 1920x1080. If you see any rendering issues or the camera is in 2D, switch to these settings (I don't know if there are any issues on other settings - I haven't checked).